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Best Tech Devices for Staying Connected to Loved Ones

Here at Aberdeen Heights Independent Living community in Kirkwood, MO, we see firsthand how strong connections to family and friends contribute to the overall well-being of seniors, and we're excited about the increasing number of tech devices that make it easier to communicate with loved ones wherever they live. Read on for an introduction to some of the best options available for older adults.


Many of our residents decorate their Independent Living residences with framed photos to keep their family close by. ViewClix takes the traditional picture frame to a whole new level, replacing it with a large screen. Once your family members set up an account, they can share photographs using the frame with just a few clicks.
Not just for pictures, ViewClix also supports video calls, giving you the ability to see and talk to your loved ones in real time. Video sharing makes it possible for you to watch all those precious moments, from your grandchild's first steps to their school performances, whenever you wish.

What's unique about ViewClix is that you don't need to worry about adjusting settings or initiating streams. Your family members can take care of all that with their accounts. After the initial purchase of the ViewClix frame, which costs around $200 to $300, your loved ones only pay $9.95 per month to keep their subscription active.

Echo Show

Made by Amazon, the Echo Show makes a variety of everyday tasks so much easier. It can guide you through recipes, so you can whip up delicious treats in your Independent Living apartment, remind you when it's time to take medications and simplify online shopping.

When it comes to ways to help you communicate with your loved ones, the Echo Show has two great features. The first is video calling, which enables you to see and hear your family members no matter where they are in the world. You can also use the device as an intercom to talk to loved ones in your contact list whenever you like.
Best of all, the Echo Show doesn't come with any monthly subscription charges. You simply need to purchase the device, which costs anywhere from $130 to $250, depending on the version you choose.


Since its launch, the GrandPad has made more than 15 million connections between friends and family possible, and this unique tablet can help you stay in touch with your loved ones across the world. Designed with seniors in mind, the device has intuitive controls and large buttons that are easy to press. It also includes a stylus to make tapping the touch screen more comfortable.

Simply tap the GrandPad screen to start a video call with anyone in your contact list, so you can catch up quickly or spend a rainy day doing an indoor activity together from afar. You can also use the GrandPad to send emails and receive photos. When you want to share a beautiful sunrise or a snapshot from a special event, the built-in camera lets you snap and share photos in seconds.

When you get your new GrandPad, training videos introduce you to its many features and explain how to use each one step-by-step. If you ever need assistance, customer service agents are on standby 24/7 every day of the year to help. The device costs around $400, and a monthly subscription costs $89 when billed monthly or $65 per month when paid upfront for a year.

We're Here to Help

At Aberdeen Heights, a friendly staff member is always available to help you set up and use any devices that you purchase, making it easier than ever to make the most of today's innovative technologies. Whether you have a quick question or need a complete demonstration, you can be sure someone will be there to assist you. Learn more about our stellar customer service, and contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about your Independent Living options.

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