A Heritage of
Experience and Excellence

Building on a Story of Faith and Service

Our community is part of PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America), a faith-based not-for-profit organization headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Across PMMA’s 17 campuses in Kansas and Missouri, we serve more than 2,400 residents with the same mission: To provide quality senior services guided by Christian values. This mission has been embedded in our DNA for more than 70 years.

Today, we strive to give every resident, in every community, the same individual attention, service, and care upon which we were founded. A new project in Colorado Springs will expand PMMA’s mission to seniors in a new state.

Rooted in Faith, Open to All

With roots in the Presbyterian church, our faith guides us in service of something larger than ourselves. PMMA’s founding goes back to a meeting at the Presbyterian Church USA’s Synod of Kansas in June 1947, when the chairperson asked if anyone had input for the good of the order. One member replied, “There is a Mrs. Alice Kalb of El Dorado, Kansas, who wants us to build a home for the aged and take her in.”

Through many meetings and discussions, the Synod members approved the purchase of property in Newton, Kansas, and the formation of the United Presbyterian Foundation of Kansas, Inc., now known as Presbyterian Manors, Inc. In 1949, the first PMMA community opened, providing a home for seven area seniors who could no longer live independently in their homes.

We are proud of our history with the Presbyterian Church, and PMMA’s by-laws still call for two-thirds of our trustees to be members of the Presbyterian Church USA. But we also welcome people from all spiritual backgrounds. It is our firm belief that the spiritual life is an integral part of the human experience, and we promote spiritual health regardless of your faith tradition.

See the Not-for-Profit Difference

Our organization’s not-for-profit structure means we are better able to serve our residents and the larger communities where we operate—because we are able to focus all our resources to live out our mission rather than serving shareholders. What does this look like in practice? To take just a few examples, it means:

  • As part of our commitment to providing quality senior services, PMMA provides millions of dollars annually in charitable care through our Good Samaritan Program, which enables residents who outlive their financial resources to continue to live in our senior living community.
  • A volunteer board of trustees governs PMMA and holds the leadership accountable to upholding our mission.
  • Each location has a mission committee comprised of community leaders who provide insight and guidance for the community’s philanthropic efforts.
  • We invest in the communities that invest in us. People come to us because we are engaged in the communities where we operate. These communities are our homes, and we are here to serve seniors within our communities.

Learn more  about our not-for-profit structure and how you can support PMMA’s work in communities across Kansas and Missouri

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