Donna Chickanosky

Resident since February, 2015

 I wanted to make sure I protected everyone’s assets, not just my own, but I wanted to leave something to my kids. After talking with my accountant about Aberdeen Heights, he said, “You’ve convinced me, and in 10 years I’m going to move to a Life Plan Community.” When I first visited, I brought my son and daughter-in-law on the tour with me, and my son said, “Mom, this is the best decision you’ve ever made.” Today, I feel like I’m in my own house living around friends, and I do 10 times more than I did when I had my own home.

John and Betty Theiss

Residents since 2014

 You won’t have any problems meeting anyone here – they’re all very friendly, congenial and fun to be with. You can enjoy their company and have a good time with them. You can find all kinds of people here.

Tom and Cindy Mitchell

Resident since February, 2015

 I’m glad to be relieved of all the yardwork and maintenance, because our life is busier than I expected. We’re acquaintances with over 100 people. I probably haven’t known that many people since college. Maybe ever.

Josephine Wilhelmi

Residents since 2014

 The grounds here are spectacular. The plantings are lovely and so cared for. My Labrador, Neenah, and I go out walking several times a day, and everything is just lovely. I think Neenah loves it here as much as I do!

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