All-round wellness
has many different dimensions.

Engage your body, mind and spirit, and satisfy your desire for a healthier life. We offer the tools, programs, support and friendships to help you thrive. Our multidimensional approach to fitness includes 6 components:


    There are ample opportunities for physical activity including: competitive water volleyball and aqua classes in our indoor pool; instructor-led courses and Quantum hydraulic fitness equipment in our wellness center; croquet, shuffleboard and billiards around our community.

  2. SOCIAL:

    People need social interaction, and here, you’ll find as much as you like: bridge, poker and art clubs, organized trips to concerts and area fairs, even happy hours.


    Faith means different things to different people. The spiritual well-being of our residents is important, which is why we welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds.


    Continually charge and recharge your mental batteries through author presentations, our special speaker series, book clubs and numerous other classes.


    Whether tapping into a new talent or expanding your artistic side, express yourself with classes and activities held in the Arts and Crafts Room. Or be inspired by the Art is Ageless® program, where residents and other area seniors exhibit their work through its art show. Other creative opportunities include art classes, musical and dramatic events, educational opportunities and discussions about current events.


    If you find joy in serving others, why not add your time and talent to volunteerism, one of our most popular resident-led subcommittees. Many residents volunteer at our assisted living residences in The Glen, at nearby Robinson Elementary School and with Meramec Community College.

Resident subcommittees have a say in what happens on the monthly activities calendar and influence many areas such as nutrition and dining, wellness, volunteering and physical fitness.

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