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What is Independent Living for seniors?

An Independent Living community is designed for people aged 65 and over and offers opportunities to participate in an active and social lifestyle — without the everyday chores, maintenance and upkeep of homeownership. Depending on the community, there are a variety of residences to choose from including single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses and/or apartments. At many Independent Living communities, there is also an amazing selection of state-of-the-art amenities, personalized fitness programs and continuing health care options.

Independent Living might be a good fit for you if you’re looking to “right size” into a home that requires little or no maintenance or yard work, or perhaps you’re interested in having someone else take care of chores like housekeeping or laundry. Maybe you’re also thinking that you’d like to enjoy delicious meals without having to cook them and dine in the company of new friends and interesting people. Lastly, you might be a good candidate if you’re looking put a secure plan in place for the future complete with peace of mind — knowing you’re taken care of even if health needs change.

Maintenance-free living and an active and social lifestyle are considered important benefits of Independent Living.
Many active older adults are making the decision to move to Independent Living communities for the active and social lifestyles they can offer. At a community like Aberdeen Heights, residents can take advantage of the many enrichment opportunities regularly available, like live concerts and guest speaker events, cultural and continuing educational opportunities, off-site day trips and on-site resident clubs. Here, you’ll also find a full calendar of regularly scheduled activities each month like wine and beer tastings, happy hour get-togethers and game nights.

Every community is shaped by the people who live there. At a place like Aberdeen Heights, we build and design entire programs based on residents’ input and their specific areas of interest. One of the best aspects of this approach is that it’s always evolving to reflect the current interests of our residents. We take a more selective, thoughtful approach to life enrichment, and we’re here to help our residents achieve the things they’ve always wanted to do. Not only do we facilitate and encourage social wellness though engagement, we also believe wellness means taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs too.

Independent Living offers seniors the advantage of state-of-the-art amenities and personalized fitness programs.
When considering an Independent Living community, the amenities are a top priority for many people. Health and wellness programs are an important part of senior living and should be a focus when selecting a community. Not only do these amenities and activities support aspects of physical well-being, but they also provide ample creative and intellectual opportunities.

At an Independent Living community like Aberdeen Heights, there are many opportunities for physical activity including: competitive water volleyball and aqua classes in our indoor pool; instructor-led courses and Quantum hydraulic fitness equipment in our wellness center; croquet, shuffleboard and billiards around our community. Residents are encouraged to be active with regular yoga classes, line dancing sessions and competitive games of corn hole.

In addition to health and wellness, amenities at Aberdeen Heights promote social, spiritual, intellectual and creative wellness. This includes our Art is Ageless® program, where residents learn about art and develop their own talents. With our worldly studies and wine tastings, some residents rave about our International Series while others enjoy the tailgating and watch parties and take part in our Sports and Entertainment Series. Many residents consider the community amenities at Aberdeen Heights to be the best part of Independent Living.

You’ll have a variety of Independent Living residences to choose from.
At Aberdeen Heights, you’re welcome to explore our maintenance-free floor plan options to find the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

Take a closer look at some of the many floor plans you can choose from by clicking here. Our currently featured floor plan is The Dogwood. This two-bedroom, two-bath courtyard residence offers just over 1,000 square feet with a spacious great room to entertain or relax. With a large master bedroom and bathroom, modern kitchen, and guest room, you’ll have all that you need. It’s yours to decorate with personal belongings and furnishings and make your new space feel like home. From well-designed smaller floor plans like The Birch to the substantial open plans of The Hawthorn, we’re sure you’ll find the Independent Living residence that right for you.

Independent Living gives you a secure plan in place for the future complete with peace of mind.
Typically, Independent Living communities are for older adults who don't need much assistance or medical care, so many don't offer these services. However by choosing Aberdeen Heights, you’re securing a comprehensive health plan for your retirement with our Unique Health Care Benefit. Many residents believe this is this one of the smartest decisions they’ve made for themselves and their families. Here, you can live an independent lifestyle, but also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that if health needs change over time, care and assistance is available right on campus and provided by people you are already familiar with. Independent Living residents have priority access to The Glen, our on-site health care center.

Is Independent Living right for you?
If you’re looking to “right size” into a comfortable maintenance-free home with a multitude of social opportunities and recreational activities readily available, you might be looking for an Independent Living community like Aberdeen Heights. If you’re curious about the active social life and supportive health and wellness programs, and would like to learn more, we encourage you to reach out. Stop by to take a tour, have lunch with us, and see firsthand what Aberdeen Heights is all about. Contact us to set up a tour here, or call us at 314-909-6000 today.

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