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Self-improvement the journey of a lifetime

September is Self-Improvement Month, and a good time to remember that learning and improvement never needs to end.

Betty Schmidt is one of our most artistic residents here in The Glen and she’s always looking for ways to improve her skills. Her favorite project so far is the poodle that she painted in Ceramics with Susie. Betty is constantly trying new techniques with the glazes - whether it is a different kind of brush stroke, or different color combinations.

Betty's favorite part is trying different colors and not knowing exactly how it will turn out. When it comes to using glaze paints on ceramics, there are endless possibilities on how a project will look once it has been fired in the kiln.

She also enjoys the different crafts offered, such as an African Elephant mixed media project, cross stitching a bookmark, and making a rustic cross to hang on her door.

As we enter the Autumn season, and the month of September, remember that self-improvement is a skill that can last, and grow, a lifetime.

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