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Retired administrator struck by thoughtfulness, appreciation

After serving for five years managing and caring for residents of The Glen, Lily Landy decided it was time to dedicate her skills to the very important work of caring for her family - including her new grandchild.

“I have two sons that live in Texas, and we’ve been going there a lot for my grandson,” Lily said. “When I’m there, I worry about my job, worry about staffing and what’s going on there. When I’m at work, I feel guilty that I’m not helping, and not with my family. I needed to find a balance in my life.”

When she explained the decision to others, including Aberdeen Heights residents, almost everyone agreed Lily was making the right decision. But they also didn’t want to let her leave without a show of appreciation.

On her last day of work, residents and staff decided to throw a retirement reception to illustrate how much Lily, and her work, had meant to everyone.

“That’s a humbling and embarrassing moment,” Lily said of the day. “It kind of made me uncomfortable. I feel like the person who takes care of others. Listening to people, I had no idea they thought that way about me. You never know what people think of you until a situation like that. It was very warming.”

The day’s events even included a surprise visit from her entire family, who surprised her with an “urgent” call to the assisted living campus.

“Someone called to say there was a problem, and I walk up and there’s my whole family,” Lily said. “I was sidelined by that. I asked ‘Why are you here?’ I didn’t get it at first.”

Originally, the post-retirement plan included purchasing a home near Austin, Texas. But since housing prices have increased recently - particularly in places like Austin - Lily said she’ll spend some time commuting back and forth.

“There’s no place to move,” she said. “Unless you want to pay $1 million for a 1,200 square foot house.”

Looking back on her time as administrator, Lily said she’s happy to know she played a role in ensuring the care of residents and helping to address their needs. But she never thought or expected that many felt so strongly about the work she did each day.

“The thought of people going out of their way to write a card and plan a party for me, I was blown away by that,” Lily said. “How thoughtful are the people who live here? That just blows me away. I just went to work every day and did what I was supposed to do. I like doing things for other people, so I don’t need a party - but when they did that, I didn’t know how to react. That was what I was hired to do. But it was very kind, thoughtful, and generous.”

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