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Residents enjoy a stroll through the park

Some of our Health Center residents recently enjoyed a break in the winter weather to take in the sights and sounds of historic Tower Grove Park.

The tour included visiting the park’s 12 pavilions and more than 7,000 trees across the 289-acre park - on a day that never dipped below freezing, despite having snowed just a few days beforehand. The blanket of fresh snow made for remarkable viewing in the park.

For resident Rose Neher, the visit reminded her of the past.

“I remember coming here with my family for picnics,” she said.

But Rosalie Eickhoff said the park tour was something completely new to her.

“I have never been to Tower Grove Park before, and I love hearing about the history.”

According to the park’s website, Tower Grove Park was founded on October 20, 1868, as a gift from St. Louis Merchant Henry Shaw to the city of St. Louis. At that time, there were only 11 parks in the city. The only conditions Shaw imposed on his gift were 1) that it "shall be used as a park forever," and 2) that an "annual appropriation" be made by the city "for its maintenance."

Today the park is the only public city park in St. Louis managed by an independent board of commissioners.

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