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“It’s all about loving my neighbors” Resident Tom Mitchell explains decision to give back to Aberdeen Heights

Tom and Cindy Mitchell have a generous spirit rooted in faith. That’s why when they learned about the PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) Good Samaritan program set up to assist residents who outlive their savings, donating was a no-brainer.

“This is a case for this particular fund that we don’t normally think about,” Tom Mitchell explained. “Most people here at Aberdeen Heights and other PMMA communities have been prosperous, so you don’t think about running out of money, but it happens.”

Mitchell explained that as a retired actuary, he knows the ins and outs of retirement planning.

“No matter how well you plan, things do happen. It would wrench my heart out if someone had to leave because they lived longer than they ever could have imagined.”

As for life at Aberdeen Heights, the Mitchells say they couldn’t be happier.

“It’s become my home and we have a nest of friends that even exceeds what I had in college,” Tom said.

The continuum of care, he said, was also essential to their decision to move in more than seven years ago.

“We did not have long-term care insurance so this sort of polishes off the financial planning for the end of life by having the health benefit here,” he explained. “It was a deficit in the other places where we looked.”

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