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Cowboy poet entertains residents with tales from the ranch

Cowboy poet and saddlemaker Martin Bergin treated Aberdeen Heights residents to tall tales and dusty poems during a recent visit.

Bergin said he always enjoys the chance to share his stories, and that residents enjoy hearing them.

“I was very well-received by the residents,” he said.

The 79-year-old Bergin said he was a “ranch-raised kid” and that he’s been a cowboy all of his life. He’s been a saddlemaker for 68 years, and a rancher and cowboy poet for “50 years or so.”

Below is one of Bergin’s poems, titled “Old Time Cowboy.”

I'm just an old time cowboy
and I ain't got a lot
But I'll loan ya my last dollar
or give you a place to flop

I'll share the coffee
give you my makings
Half my blankets
and half the bacon

I'll surely help ya start a colt
or go a chasen them wild cattle
But please don't ask to ride my horse
or borrow my old saddle.
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