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Chocolate takes center seat at celebration

When planning how to celebrate Jim Stice’s 101st birthday party on Jan. 6th, his daughter Susan knew there was one thing that had be on the menu - chocolate.

“We had to have a big old chocolate cake for dessert because he is a chocoholic,” Susan said. “We had enough to feed an army. It was dark chocolate with chocolate chips and a chocolate ganache filling and big frosting dollops on top.”

The cake was big enough that Jim got to enjoy leftovers for a week, and Susan’s brother from Atlanta was able to take some home to the grandchildren.

In addition to the cake, Jim also enjoyed a dinner of Walleye from a local restaurant.

“Dad used to fish for them in Canada,” Susan said. “It was one of his favorite catches, and we wanted his dinner to include a fun little hook.”

Jim celebrated his birthday with a small gathering of family - the big gathering happened the year before on his 100th birthday. He received a University of Missouri sweatshirt - a token of his alma mater, where he earned a degree in journalism - and was able to take in a playoff victory by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chocolate, however, ruled the day.

“Walleye fishing, golf, and chocolate were his hobbies,” Susan said. “I’ve about been excommunicated from the family because I like vanilla.”

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