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Aberdeen Residents Share Views from Their Balconies and Patios

What started as a simple photo-sharing idea from Courtney Bruns has blossomed into a beautiful slideshow with music.

A few weeks ago, Martha Kaelble put out a request for Aberdeen Heights Senior Living residents to submit pictures of views from their porches and balconies. She suggested sunsets, gardens, streets, courtyards, etc. and gave a deadline of July 31.

Tom Mitchell volunteered to combine the pictures with captions from Martha and create a video we could show on our in-house channel so all our residents can see it. What a team Martha and Tom made, figuring out how to make it all work over text messages.

Martha is making a display for our hallway to allow residents and staff to look at printed photos at their leisure.

Many thanks to Courtney for suggesting the project, and to Martha and Tom for all your hard work to make this happen so quickly.

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