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A celebration across generations

On August 23rd, Doris Thomas celebrated a big milestone with the calendar marking her 100th birthday.

But the real celebration came a few weeks earlier, on August 5th, as the family all gathered to celebrate Doris’s special occasion.

Doris married her husband Randall in 1942, and they celebrated 73 years of marriage until his passing in 2015. They had three children - Beverly, Randy, and Becky, eight grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild who is new to the family.

“She loves her family,” said Doris’ daughter Becky Kellerman. “And she’ll get to meet her great-great-grandchild this weekend for the first time.”

Doris offered a little advice for all the youngsters out there.

“Finish your schooling as much and as far as you can, and be a part of the community,” Doris said.

Becky said her mom has always been social, volunteering with her church, and with Meals on Wheels. Since moving to Aberdeen Heights, Doris has remained active in group activities.

“She’s an avid Bridge player, and I’m told she still plays a mean hand of Bridge,” Becky said. “She plays with a group of ladies at least once a week. She learned to play with her brother and parents as a pretty young child. There’s a lot of memory and skill involved. It’s so good for her. I’m also told she’s pretty competitive!”

Her son Randy remarked on the role faith and the Methodist church played in their family’s lives.

“Mom and Dad did really well in their lives,” Randy said.

Reflecting on her milestone birthday, Doris offered a healthy measure of gratitude.

“I’m very fortunate to be very healthy,” she said.

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